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buying a toy piano:

you can order a new toy piano from schoenhut through on-line resellers. if you are going to order a schoenhut piano, my best advice is to telephone the schoenhut piano company directly and ask which models are currently available. be as specific as you can about what you are looking for. they can be contacted through their web-site:

links to other sites:
wikipedia toy piano article
this is a good introduction to the instrument
wendy mae chambers
composer and toy pianist. videos of her tv appearances are here, and she has more of her toy piano music here
margaret leng tan
toy pianist
isabel ettenauer
toy pianist
małe instrumenty (small instruments)
paweł romańczuk's project utilizing many kinds of small instruments, including toy pianos
chris skebo
composer and toy pianist
the toy piano band. music and design by mike langlie. web site has many photos of unusual toy pianos
beanie the chicken
beanie is a chicken that plays the toy piano.
very active personal site, constantly updated with photos of unusual instruments, including several toy pianos.
schoenhut piano company
the world's last toy piano maker? other firms still make toy pianos, but schoenhut is the only firm that makes only toy pianos. currently based in st augustine, florida. formerly jaymar specialty toys of brooklyn, new york.
online museum and gift shop. a very interesting and varied collection of miniature pianos, including some toy pianos
extensible toy piano project
2005 academic music festival where composers created music based on samples of a toy piano. audio samples of the toy piano are still available on the web-site
2006 toy piano festival in san diego
annual toy piano festival at the geisel library, university of california, san diego. organized by scott paulson, the world's only toy piano librarian
klavier nonette
2003 midi-controlled toy piano installation in seattle by trimpin. (offical cd order link from jack straw productions, host of the installation. newmusicbox article about the installation with links to included composers)
no no nonette
automated toy piano piece by celeste hutchins for the klavier nonette installation (download mp3 here)