toy piano recital
april 28, 2007
capitol theater, 7pm
olympia, washington

this event is over. sorry you missed it

another world is possible. practice makes perfect.

event info:

the toy piano recital promotes the toy piano as a musical instrument and the idea that another world is possible. featured this year is new work for multiple toy pianos by arun chandra , several short performances by local musicians exploring a wide variety of musical styles and techniques, and a new short film by emily linders about toy pianos in olympia. anyone who wants to play a toy piano before an audience will have a chance to perform. the toy piano recital is a benefit for the port protesters' legal defense. on may 30, 2006, several olympians were violently arrested for trying to stop stryker brigades from deploying to iraq through the port of olympia. several toy pianos will be auctioned off throughout the evening to support the protesters. admission is free. toy pianos tuned by ryan sowers, rpt

support port militarization resistance and the olympia 22:

this year's event will be a benefit for the olympia 22's legal defense. the olympia 22 are the people who were arrested for engaging in civil disobedience to keep the iraq war and the military out of the port of olympia. while admission to the event is free, representatives of the olympia 22 will be at the recital to accept donations and to talk about why they were arrested. this issue has been covered extensively in works in progress. here are some articles about it:

call for musicians:

anyone can play in the recital as long as the performance meets the following conditions:

  1. at least one toy piano must be played.
  2. no instruments other than toy pianos may be used.
  3. performances must be instrumental only (no singing, poetry, spoken word).
  4. no electronic instruments, amplification, or sound effects may be used.
  5. mechanical modifications to toy pianos are allowed and encouraged.
  6. performances must be less than 10 minutes in length.

musicians of all ages and ability levels are welcome to participate. If you would like your performance to be included in the event program, or if you want to be assured a chance to perform, send a short description to before april 15, 2007. Musicians may either bring their own toy pianos, or use the selection of toy pianos that will be provided for the event.

win a toy piano:

unlike last year's event, where toy pianos were auctioned off, this year toy pianos will be given away. but they will only be given to people with toy piano tokens. so keep an eye out for toy piano tokens. toy pianos will be given away to people in the order of how many tokens they have. if you have more tokens than anyone else, you will get the first choice. because this event is a benefit, you will be able to make donations to the olympia 22 in exchange for tokens.