Toy Piano Tokens

If you've come to this page because you have just found a toy piano token, hang onto it and keep an eye out for more. Toy piano tokens are valuable.


Thanks for looking.

THERE ARE NO TOY PIANOS LEFT! Your LAST CHANCE to redeem toy piano tokens was at the Toy Piano Recital on April 28, 2007. Thanks for supporting the recital. This page is still here for reference.

The following is no longer true:

What are toy piano tokens?

Toy piano tokens are brass coins a little smaller than a half-dollar. On one side they have a picture of a clown and on the other they have a picture of a piano.

How are toy piano tokens valuable?

You can trade toy piano tokens for a toy piano in certain situations. If you attend a toy piano recital, and you present more toy piano tokens than anyone else, then you will have the first choice of toy pianos that will be made available to people with tokens. The next toy piano recital will be in the spring of 2007 in Olympia. Toy piano tokens can be traded for toy pianos at other events as well, so make sure you always carry them with you.

How do I get more toy piano tokens?

Toy piano tokens are currently distributed only in Olympia, Washington, a small city in North America. Keep visiting this page for hints on where to find them.

Can I trade toy piano tokens for anything other than toy pianos?

The distributor of toy piano tokens will only exchange them for toy pianos. But others may consider them valuable enough to be worth trading for other goods or services.

How many toy piano tokens are there?

There are 13,000 brass toy piano tokens, and 3000 nickel (5-token value) tokens. More will be made as necessary.

Where to get Tokens and Toy Pianos in Olympia:

Merchants that used to have Toy Pianos

The following merchants no longer have toy pianos to trade for 100 toy piano tokens THEY ARE ALL GONE! These merchants no longer have pianos to give away. THANKS!

Merchants with no more Tokens

The following merchants were giving away tokens with some purchases, but not any more.

Support the Olympia 22's Legal Defense:

This year's toy piano recital was a benefit for the Olympia 22's legal defense. The Olympia 22 are people who were arrested for engaging in civil disobedience to keep the Iraq War and the military out of the Port of Olympia.

Port Militarization Resistance and the Olympia 22 have been covered extensively in Works In Progress. To learn more about them, here are some quick links: